Professional Transcription Service or DIY?

What is the difference between typing yourself and a ‘professional’?

Also known as 'should I use professional transcription service or Fanny down the road?'

If you learnt to type (on a typewriter – let’s not mention age here) it was considered a real skill as it was a bespoke vocation and not everyone knew how to do this.

With the emergence of computers ‘touch typists’ were in demand, non-typists would look in awe as their fingers quickly passed over a keyboard producing accurate documents at speed.

But with the advancement of technology, everyone now knows their QWERTY from their DVORAK and can find their way around a keyboard at varying speeds, even a two-finger user can probably produce fast words (teenagers these days are probably faster typists on mobile phones than a trained typist).

However, using a keyboard and typing are two different things.

Producing words at a fast speed is completely different from producing a well-formatted document.

If you just need to type an email then formatting is not an issue but if you need even just a short report (let’s not even think about complex reports – well not just yet) the first thing an audio typist will think of is formatting, it’s better to put in place at the beginning than need to format later.

Setting up your document with ‘headings’ which can then be linked to a table of contents should it be needed can save time whilst taking no extra time.

Ensuring headers and footers are linked or unlinked, depending on the document, are all things that can be done with a click of a button whilst typing and are bread and butter for any professional typist.

After all, it is easier to amend a well-formatted document than to start formatting plain text.

Now as promised, what about complex reports?

So, just dealing with Word because it is more commonly used.

If a mix and match of formatting styles have been used – single line space, one and a half, windows, orphans – the terminology in itself can make your head spin.

But if you know what you’re doing from the outset, you know what to look for it’s easy (like Sunday morning – and at BackupTyping we do work weekends), does the document have inbuilt styles?

If it does this makes all professionals do a little fist pump knowing they just need to follow the set styles.

But for the untrained eye rather than choosing a ‘section heading’, they will just bold the title.

If the inbuilt formatting styles haven’t been followed it could end up taking hours to format something which could be done at the press of a button (well maybe two or three).

Here at BackupTyping, we are not ‘just’ audio typists but experts in Word (and PowerPoint and Excel too).

Add to that our deep understanding and experience of the property industry and its unique terminology, then the answer to the question becomes clear.

For tips on good dictation that your typist will thank you for, check out How to dictate well – your typist will thank you!

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