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Property Typing Specialists

As a property professional you need a fast, accurate and cost-effective transcription service. We offer 2hrs – 24hrs turnaround options by highly experienced property industry transcribers. Large or small business, we type your language.

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How it works

Clients email dictation to our secure website. A receipt is then sent so you know it has arrived and will be with you within your timeframe request - to give you peace of mind. Dictation is then transcribed, checked and sent back to you and your secretary if requested. You should also expect a call from us every couple of months or so just to see how you are.

Skilled typists

BackupTyping has a team of highly experienced and skilled UK typists who have all previously worked at Director level in the property industry. We specialise in working with the property industry. This is where our experience lies and you will really notice the difference – we know what you are saying as all the team have worked in property firms and have an understanding of the business and terminology.

Time is of the essence

We work to your timescales, not you to ours!

We have a sophisticated system allowing you to tell us when you need your documents back and we don’t 'close our doors’ at 5pm. At BackupTyping we have a ‘can do’ attitude and believe communication with our clients is of paramount importance. This, along with our UK property sector experienced staff, offers organisations a top-level service at a fraction of the cost incurred by preparing documents in-house as you just pay for work carried out.

We operate a 4-tiered priority system which allows you to tell us when you need your documents back. We have a truly urgent service (2 hours) to a next day service (24 hours) with a couple in between so you really do get to choose what you need and ensure you are as cost-effective as possible.

How we can help your business

The service is extremely flexible – we are here when you need us and on standby until you need us again. You can tap into the BackupTyping service as much or as little you need to. This will help you to...

Relieve pressure

We provide assistance every day, during busy peak times or when staff are ill and on holiday – cost effective solution for peaks and troughs of business as you only pay for the time our service is used. No hidden charges.

Release skills

Free up staff from mundane and repetitive tasks to support the business in new ways, increasing motivation and retention – let secretaries be true secretaries and relieve professional staff from preparing documents to use their time more profitably.

Support growth

We work alongside existing arrangements and provide that extra resource to help your business take the next step but without taking the risk of investment in further overheads.

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