DIY – Do the numbers stack up?

DIY property report preparation – do the numbers stack up?

Would you service and repair your own car during work hours?

How about preparing all the catering for a client lunch meeting?

Of course, you wouldn’t.

Whilst you may be more or less capable of doing either, it just doesn’t make commercial sense to take that time out of your day when there are trained experts who will complete your audio typing far quicker, better and more importantly, at a lower cost.

So, why then would you or your highly skilled fee earners type out their own documents?

Of course, you can type, but the truth is, the time it might take you to type out a report could actually cost you a small fortune.

Let’s look at the numbers:

A qualified Chartered Surveyor will be charging at least £100 per hour. To type out a 10-page report – roughly 4,500 words – at an average untrained speed of 33 words per minute, would take approximately 2 and a half hours. Which actually costs the business £250 of unchargeable time.  Add to that proofing and correcting, and you’re looking at over £300!

Compare that with an experienced, professional audio typist, who could produce the same document in about an hour, proofread, immaculately typed and spaced. That’s likely to only cost around £60 to get your document back on the same day – and all the while your surveyor can be doing what they do best – earning for your firm.

DIY property report preparation can be fun and sometimes it may even make sense, but in the fast-moving professional world, specialist jobs are always best left to the specialists.

BackupTyping have a team of highly experienced and trained professional transcription typists waiting to type your documents – and save you money. We’re darned good at it because it’s all we do.

DIY? No thanks – call the professionals.

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