What is an audio typist?

An audio typist is a specialist who types speech via headphones and a pedal attached to a transcription system.

In the old days, small tapes were used but now dictators use a digital machine or even a smartphone.

And thank goodness – no more snapped tape, re-threading cassettes or accidentally deleting instead of rewinding before transcribing!

The speech goes in the ears and out the fingers in quite a majestic way.

The pedal is in effect the start/pause ‘button’ but as controlled by your foot (much like driving an automatic car, using one foot only), allowing the audio typist to type continuously by controlling how much speech is heard at one time.

A professional audio typist can control this so the typist's fingers are continually moving over the keyboard while their foot gently moves up and down to allow a flow of speech through the headphones.

It really is an art form and takes some practice to get this beautiful flow going.

BackupTyping has a team of these expert audio typists.

Our team has worked in the property industry for many years, at a senior/PA level, and all have experience of producing the type of documents property professionals dictate; from reports, submissions and all types of correspondence in Word, cost schedules and specifications in Excel to photographic schedules and presentations in PowerPoint.

Our team won’t just type up your documents.

We read them, format them, ensure they are in your correct corporate branding, correct grammar and ultimately produce a complete professional document to your required timescale.

We are a team who are always here – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – ready and waiting to provide you with the efficient service you need when you need it.

BackupTyping provides a fast, accurate and experienced transcription for property professionals - saving you time and money. Call us on 020 7096 1663 to find out how we can help you.

Here when you need us – on standby when you don’t

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