Audio typing: Why we're definitely better than you!

If you’ve ever been tempted to type your documents yourself, you may wonder why professional audio typists will always do it better than you…

Put simply, an audio typist is an expert at typing accurately and at speed (probably three times faster than an average person) from a dictated recording.

So what’s the secret of accurate audio typing?

Well, apart from years of training and experience (we’ve already won, hands-down right?), professional audio typists use a specialist transcription system that employs a foot pedal to control the playback of dictation through headphones. Smart eh?

The control pedal allows the audio typist to regulate the dictation playback speed and flow, in order to type without interruption.

So whatever speed you talk at, a professional audio typist will be able to control its delivery to suit their typing speed – even speeding it up if necessary!

But what about the other benefits of using an audio typist?

Using a specialist property report typing professional is the quickest and most cost-effective way to prepare accurate and properly formatted documents for your organisation.

As a property professional, you can simply dictate your report – on the hop if necessary – into a dictation machine, either a handheld device or your smartphone, using a mobile app, such as BackupTyping (available on App Store or Google Play), send it and get on with your job, while your audio typist does the rest.

What if I’m rubbish at dictation for transcribing property reports?

It does take a bit of practice to dictate well – there’s a useful article here: How to dictate well – your typist will thank you!, but with persistence, it can really be a game-changer for you, both in time/cost saving and document quality!

If you’re looking for a highly experienced property specialist transcription service contact BackupTyping for a FREE trial Get Started | BackupTyping.

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