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Pricing & Confidentiality

Level 1



per dictation minute

Received by BackupTyping up to 4pm

Returned within 2 hours

Up to 30 minutes dictation guaranteed to be returned within 2 hours. Dictation over 30 minutes will be worked on urgently and returned as soon as completed. Level 1 dictation received after 4pm will be moved to Level 3 Overnight service.

Level 2



per dictation minute

Received by BackupTyping up to 2pm

Returned before 6pm the same day

Dictation received after 2pm and before 4pm will be worked on as soon as possible. Dictation received after 4pm will be moved to Level 3 Overnight service.

Level 3

Overnight & Weekend


per dictation minute

Received by BackupTyping after 4pm Friday

Returned by 10am the following day

If work is not required before Monday please send as Level 4 to avoid weekend charges. If you require any other level of service over the weekend please contact us via email.

Level 4

Next Day


per dictation minute

Returned within 24 hours

Work will be returned within 24 hours of the dictation being recieved. This is a 24 hours a day service.


  • BackupTyping Ltd undertakes that all information which is provided to them will be treated as confidential and will not at any time for any reason be disclosed or allowed to be disclosed to any third party or used other than for the specific purpose for which it was imparted.
  • BackupTyping Ltd confirms that after the conclusion of any assignment no information will be disclosed.
  • BackupTyping Ltd will treat as confidential all information concerning the trade secrets, operations, processes, affairs of its clients and suppliers which comes to BackupTyping Ltd's knowledge as a result of their association and will not at any time disclose such information.

Some information about charging

  • Invoices listing each job transcribed issued at the end of each month
  • Payment terms: 14 days from date of invoice
  • Minimum charge of 4 dictation minutes per job received
  • Additional time may be added if dictation is excessively unclear. Clients will be informed
  • Charges are per dictation / copyrighting rate
  • Should you have any particular requirements, please do contact us and we will be happy to help
  • Please contact us at any time should you have any queries
  • Charges only made for work carried out

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