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What is transcription?

6 months ago

Transcription simply means putting speech into a written form.

If you dictate into a recording device, you need it transcribed.

You not only need it transcribed, you want it transcribed into a professionally prepared, accurate, proofread and checked format.

For over 20 years BackupTyping has been providing this service to the property industry throughout the UK.

We work with many large nationwide and global property companies as well as smaller independent surveying practices.

The BackupTyping team are all highly experienced in the property industry having worked in offices in London and throughout the UK at a senior level.

BackupTyping is here to provide you with the best transcription service possible when you need it.

BackupTyping provides a fast, accurate and experienced transcription for property professionals – saving you time and money. Call us on 020 7096 1663 to find out how we can help you.

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