RICS sets new diversity rules

New Rules of Conduct launched by the RICS, which will take effect on 2nd February 2022, set out core principles for its regulated members and firms worldwide to encourage diversity and inclusivity within the profession.

The changes include explicit requirements that support surveyors regardless of their background or differences across the world. It also sets out updated requirements for surveyors to maintain their skills and expertise.

With an emphasis on continuing high standards of professionalism, the new rules are laid out to make it easier for the clients to choose a skilled expert and give them confidence in the service they will receive from a RICS professional.

The new RICS Rules of Conduct include:

  • A simpler structure that makes the rules easier to understand for all RICS members.
  • Clear examples of the rules that RICS firms and members can use to comply with the Rules. Plus 12 case studies showing the real-life application of the Rules.
  • A focus on respect, diversity and inclusion underpins the professional ethics of members.
  • Understanding evolving technology, which highlights the importance of understanding the use of data and technology, and the associated benefits and risks.
  • Tackling global challenges, emphasising that ethical practice by RICS members and firms has an important role when it comes to global challenges. This includes creating sustainable development and tackling climate change.

The new RICS Rules of Conduct are set by its independent Standards and Regulation Board (SRB), and can be accessed by RICS members alongside a CPD programme.

Dame Janet Paraskeva, chair of SRB at RICS, said: “The advice of RICS professionals around the world underpins the successful management of our built and natural environment. With so many complex challenges facing decision-makers, this profession’s high standards of expertise and ethical conduct have never been more important.

“Standards in professional life must evolve to reflect modern-day expectations of clients and society at large, in order to maintain confidence. These revised Rules of Conduct will support our members and those that depend on their advice to continue addressing the challenges of today and tomorrow”

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The new Rules of Conduct will come into effect from 2nd February 2022.

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