Human Service Transcription versus Speech Recognition

Not gonna lie, we may be a bit biased on this one! However, we really do believe that nothing beats the personal touch when having your documents typed.

Speech recognition certainly has improved greatly over the years since its inception and, to be fair, it does work very well for some documents.

Speech recognition will do a pretty good job at a plain document without formatting, but it does need to be thoroughly checked by the dictator as without the sentience of a human being it is going to literally type what you say, which can be annoying and/or amusing.

On the other hand, a human transcriber is going to be thinking while listening to your speech.

If you are using the right transcriber with knowledge in your industry, understanding is going to be easy without any strange misinterpretations.

We are humans at BackupTyping.

We know what you’re talking about, we will add grammar so you don’t have to dictate it, we will format documents as we go along which cuts out extra time at the end, we will make sense of what you are saying in case you get a bit lost while dictating, we will remember you are talking about 50,000 sq ft and not 15,000 sq ft.

It will be just like having an in-house typist who is going to put thought into the documents being prepared using your templates.

Sadly, speech recognition cannot do all that for you, so choose the right transcription service for your industry and enjoy the benefits of having a human type your documents.

Our experienced transcription typist professionals have all these skills and can ensure that you always receive the best and most accurate piece of work possible – a machine really can’t provide a service like that!

BackupTyping provides a fast, accurate and experienced transcription service for property professionals - saving you time and money. Call us on 020 7096 1663 to find out how we can help you.

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