End Those Holiday Blues

Outsource Typing versus Getting a Temp

What happens when your trusted secretary puts in a request for holiday?  As soon as it is agreed the planning starts and makes the days or weeks before a stressful time (let’s not even mention not being able to ‘switch off’ whilst away, dreading coming back to a mountain of work).

If you can find an audio typing temp who has all the necessary skills you are very lucky but even this has its drawbacks.  Employing a temp means you will be paying for 7 hours a day regardless of whether or not any work is actually carried out.

If you are just handing over typing duties, will you really dictate enough for them to be typing for 7 hours each day?

If, however, you are unable to find a suitable temp and you need to spread the workload around the rest of the team, this adds pressure and can lead to delays with secretaries being overloaded.

Is there a solution that works for everyone?  Absolutely.

Why Outsourcing Typing Works

Outsourcing your audio typing works best when using a market specific transcription company and is the perfect solution for holiday cover as you only pay for work actually carried out.

At BackupTyping we work with all sizes of companies; some clients use our services every day and others need us twice a year for holiday cover.

The team consists of highly experienced chartered surveying audio typists meaning there is no need to explain terminology, no need to train on layouts, all we simply need are the necessary templates and a dictation file (don’t have a dictation machine? No problem, we have you covered with our easy to use dictation app).

Whether its once a day or once a year our team are on hand when needed, let us take the strain out of holiday cover.  BackupTyping are always available when needed – day and night.  Here when you need us, on standby when you don’t.

We are always happy to have a Teams/Zoom meeting if anything needs to be covered in detail but rest assured you will be in a safe pair of hands.

BackupTyping provides fast, accurate and experienced transcription for property professionals - saving you time and money.  Call us on 020 7096 1663 to find out how we can help you.

Here when you need us – on standby when you don’t

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