Fee Earner or Typist? | Why Outsourcing Typing Works

Fee Earner or Expensive Typist? 

Would you pay £100 to have a two page letter typed?  Of course not BUT you probably are.  

As a fee earner for your company, typing is the last thing you should be doing.  

Many people will think ‘well it's just a bit of typing’ but it will end up costing you a lot more than your time.  

Imagine a very normal scenario, you have a two page letter to type so approximately 1000 words.  

For a normal ‘pick and peck’ non-typist 1000 words will take approximately 40 minutes just to type and then to read through and correct any errors, add another 20 minutes so that’s 60 minutes.   

However, during the 60 minutes you’ve take 3 phone calls (maybe a lot more).  For the sake of argument let’s say one call is a quick 5 minutes but the other two are longer so perhaps 15 mins each which means during that hour you’ve been interrupted three times.  

And each time when you go back to your letter you need to gather your thoughts again, check where you got to and start again, taking a few minutes each time.  By the time you add all the time up, its probably close to 100 minutes – for a two page letter!  

But – you’ve saved the company money by typing it yourself rather than outsourcing it.  Actually no.  You used 60 minutes of your time doing the actual typing which as a fee earner (for example) is £100 per hour (your hourly charge to a client).  That’s one hour of doing less fee earning work, one hour less looking after your clients' needs.    

What would it cost to outsource to a property audio typing service?

If you dictated those 1000 words at a leisurely dictation speed of 100wpm that takes you 10 minutes to dictate.  Once dictated simply send to a transcription company. You can now focus on fee earning work.       

At BackupTyping we work on a 1:3 ratio ie 10 minutes would take us 30 minutes to type and proof read.  On our ‘same day’ service this would only cost £14.00, a considerable saving in money and in time.  

In a world where saving time and money is paramount it makes sense to outsource. 


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