It's just typing right?!

NO … a specialist audio typing service is so much more than that!

An expert audio typist has been trained how to produce fast and accurate documents from dictation, resulting in a flowing movement over the keyboard and foot pedal - compare it to a talented pianist; fingers flowing smoothly over the keys and a foot rhythmically working the pedal - to produce documents in the most efficient way.

Not only is good practice required but also the ability to interpret what is being said and including adding correct grammar where appropriate without wasting valuable time stopping and starting.

Then better still are the industry expert audio typists.  These typists know and, more importantly, understand what you are saying - not just taking a stab in the dark.

And even better for all property professionals are property industry expert audio typists!  These typists know what dilapidations are and why they are done.  These typists know all about arbitrations and the formal layout required.  These typists can correctly hear and spell building terminology.

Property industry expert audio typists

So we disagree, it is not just a bit of a typing.  A great audio typist just makes it look easy!

Here's another reason to use the services of an experienced audio typist - We Tried Speech to Text - Backup Typing


BackupTyping has a team of property industry expert audio typists ready to get your documents typed and with our clients when you need them.  We work to your timescale, not you to ours.  From 2 hours to 24 hours – what do YOU need?

Simple, easy, cost effective solution – let us make your working life easy.

Here when you need us – on standby when you don’t

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