Shortage of surveyors in Wales affecting councils

A reported shortage of property surveyors and planners in Wales is causing issues for local councils. The shortage means that specialist services are having to be outsourced to meet demand as they can’t be met by professionals in the area.

In-house apprenticeship schemes are being considered to help drive young people into the industry to combat dwindling numbers. While training programmes are also being looked at in the hopes it might provide a draw for anyone looking to retrain.

According to Swansea Head of Planning, Phil Holmes, Welsh graduates are completing courses in England but finding jobs elsewhere, rather than returning to Wales to take up job opportunities there. There doesn’t appear to be a property surveyor course in Wales that can compete, leaving valuable skilled surveyors difficult to find.

Holmes said: ‘When it comes to regeneration schemes that's one of the vital skill sets we need.’ Following that, he stated: ‘I don’t think the situation will improve anytime soon.’

There is a huge demand for surveyors in Wales, however, demand is greater than supply which is potentially leaving current surveyors strained.

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