Who we are

Remote typing service in property companies for nearly 20 years

Many, we are sure, will remember being in Mayfair during the 80s and 90s (good times right?!). Some of you may even remember a short curly haired girl wearing sometimes bizarre outfits when you visited the offices where she worked for Graham Chase at Clive Lewis & Partners. Her name was Deborah Tantardini. Deborah founded BackupTyping in 1998 when outsourcing was a relatively new concept to the property industry, computers cost a million pounds and the internet made a squeaky noise when you ‘dialled up’. Anyone else feeling old? Technology was just about affordable to be able to provide an off-site, same day service of typing so she decided to start.

At that time she was still working with Graham Chase but at Chase & Partners and she managed to get the forward thinking King Sturge on board so it was all systems go. She felt that same day service was the key to outsourcing typing and still believes that today. BackupTyping is just about the only typing service that offers a truly urgent service on top of a same day service.

We are passionate about the service we provide to our clients – we love typing and we love to be able to go above and beyond when called upon.