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Why use a transcription/typing service?

6 months ago

At BackupTyping, as a nationwide property specialist transcription provider, we often speak to potential clients about why a company should use a transcription service.

Some are already familiar with the concept and are aware of the benefits of outsourcing typing but others would really like to know why it would work for them.

Outsourcing your typing using a transcription service works quite differently to taking on a member of staff – no space required, no employment costs and no training.


  • A transcription service can work alongside existing arrangements to provide that extra resource to help your business take the next step without the risk of further overheads including employment costs or it can provide a wholesale typing solution.
  • It can also relieve pressure by providing assistance every day, during exceptionally busy peak times or when in-house staff are unwell or on holiday.
  • It is a cost effective solution for the peaks and troughs of business as you only pay for the time typing is carried out. If you don’t need any typing there is no cost!
  • You can also release skills by freeing up in-house staff from mundane and repetitive tasks to support your business in new ways, increasing motivation and retention.
  • Let secretaries be secretaries and release professional staff from preparing documents to use their time more profitably for your business.

Vested Interest An outsource transcription company is going to be invested in your business, as your success allows their success.

Confidentiality Remember to check the confidentiality agreement of your transcription service as this is vital and means that HR documents can also be outsourced to retain confidentiality in-house.

Specialist We recommend using a specialist transcription service for your market sector as it means you will be plugging into a provider who knows your business, understands your terminology and doesn’t need any training.

We are market specialists for all areas of property from chartered surveyors, architects to building construction organisations.

There probably isn’t much you could say that we would have to think twice about.

There are many transcription providers for other industries, however, at BackupTyping we are property focused and familiar with the terminology and the types of documents property professionals produce.

Whichever company you choose, outsourcing your typing will support growth for your organisation in a cost effective manner.

Overall, using an outsource transcription service can save you money, increase productivity and staff motivation and with an out of hours service will enable you to never miss a deadline.

Transcription companies just type, make sure your service is carried out by real human beings with a knowledge of your sector to get the best possible service – you should be getting accurately typed documents in a timeframe that suits you, in your branded style from a flexible and experienced company where no job is ever too big or too small!

BackupTyping provides a fast, accurate and experienced transcription for property professionals – saving you time and money. Call us on 020 7096 1663 to find out how we can help you.

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